What Is the Caveman Regimen in Skin Care?


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  • The “caveman routine” is a skin-treatment program heading viral on social media.
  • The regimen requires forgoing all skin-care merchandise entirely.
  • Forward, a skin doctor answers all of our thoughts about the development.

These times, we come across ourselves working with the TikTok lookup bar much more than we hit up Google. The application is a treasure trove of data, primarily when it will come to attractiveness tips and tricks. No matter if people on the application are encouraging men and women to apply hemorrhoid cream to undereye luggage or use calamine lotion as a make-up primer, the hacks are countless, but it can be hard sifting by way of what’s really fantastic advice, and what is just remaining posted for clicks.

Not too long ago, a skin-treatment schedule (or, relatively, an anti skin-care schedule) known as the “caveman routine” has been attaining recognition, with a great deal of people on the app proclaiming it truly is worked wonders for their complexions — but does it really perform, or is it just one more TikTok fad? We tapped Karan Lal, MD, a double board-certified pediatric and beauty dermatologist, to respond to all of our burning queries about the caveman routine, like what it is, no matter if or not it really is harmless, and if it in fact will work.

What Is the Caveman Routine?

Set simply, the caveman regimen, also termed the caveman method, is the follow of doing absolutely nothing to your pores and skin. Often referred to as the paleo food plan of skin treatment, it requires cutting everything out fully: no skin-treatment merchandise, no make-up, no washing your encounter, and so on.

“It is really the routine without having a routine,” Dr. Lal tells POPSUGAR. “You basically stop every little thing you are applying in hopes it resets your pores and skin.”

The pattern, which has been close to for several years, has recently been attaining acceptance on social media, with lots of men and women making an attempt it out for on their own for lengthy stretches of time. Nonetheless, the results are combined. One particular TikTok person, Nikki Chan, in-depth her practical experience making use of the caveman regimen in excess of a period of 30 times, and her results had been much less than stellar, when some others have claimed that the caveman regimen is the only pores and skin-treatment schedule which is ever labored for them.

What Are the Advantages of the Caveman Program?

Employing the caveman routine can be a fantastic way to assist reset your skin if you’ve got been dealing with sensitivity. “It really is fantastic for men and women who have an allergic pores and skin disease, untreatable facial rashes, and for those with eczema,” Dr. Lal adds. Additionally, he suggests, “It really is a terrific way to find out what could be instigating a facial rash, and it simplifies items for men and women who don’t want to do substantially. It generally acts as an elimination diet regime for your pores and skin.”

There could be precise elements in your skin-treatment items or makeup that are obtaining adverse effects on your skin, and forgoing almost everything should give you a prospect to reset. Nevertheless, for some, that just isn’t generally the scenario, and tests out this regimen could have the reverse result.

How Do You Do the Caveman Regimen?

If it appears like a thing you would be interested in seeking, tests out the caveman routine is easy — all you have to do is forego putting any products and solutions on your encounter in anyway. (If you do this, while, Dr. Lal recommends continuing to use SPF, no subject what.)

As for how long you really should do it, the caveman routine can be custom made based mostly on your precise requires, but ordinarily it really is performed for a extend of time everywhere from seven to 30 days. Ultimately, it is dependent on your reasoning for testing it out. For case in point, if you might be suffering from a facial rash and you’re not certain what is causing it, you may well choose to lower out skin-care products for a week in advance of little by little reintroducing anything. “You will find no definite timeframe, nonetheless, it is really typically until finally your skin enhances from its previous state,” Dr. Lal claims.

What Are the Dangers of the Caveman Program?


Replying to @Hot Mess 💋 Would you at any time try the caveman routine…and the biggest reason I regret it at the conclusion. It is fundamentally reducing out all your skincare, even cleanser. I know the #cavemanroutine will work for some folks, but I have come to the realization that my skin Wants skincare. It is all about stability! Have you tried out this, would you? #acnemarks #hyperpigmentation #cavemanskincareroutine

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While Dr. Lal states the caveman program is technically secure for all skin types, there are a couple hazards included. The largest is the absence of sun security. “Sunscreen actively decreases the hazard of skin cancer improvement. If everything, please use SPF,” Dr. Lal claims. If you do make a decision to check out the regimen but continue applying SPF, there usually are not a ton of downsides to be weary of having said that, you ought to observe that the results may not be what you count on. Chan claimed that all through her 30-working day trial of the regimen, she expert darkish circles, whiteheads, congested pores, rough texture, and cystic acne breakouts.

If you are anyone with sensitive skin searching for a easy pores and skin-treatment regime that is not going to split you out or trigger a reaction, Dr. Lal indicates utilizing a mild cleanser like the PCA Skin Creamy Cleanser ($32, initially $38), paired with a moisturizer like the Scientific Pores and skin Multi-Lipid Replenishing Moisturizer ($94, at first $110), and to often conclude with an SPF like the Revision Skincare Intellishade Obvious SPF 50 ($68, originally $80).

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