I had a great time visiting my parents and the rest of my family in Tennessee. My dad’s birthday was the icing on the cake (get it…cake…birthday?), and his two sisters were there to help us celebrate. My niece works for Nothing Bundt Cakes, so we had several bundtinis in […]

Universal Pictures This piece contains major spoilers for Nope. Jordan Peele’s third feature film Nope is, at first, a classic UFO movie, like something out of an X-Files episode, or an unused Close Encounters of the Third Kind sequel. Until, that is, it isn’t a UFO movie—not in the ways […]

Upon discovering Clementine’s apartment in Stray, the robotic explains ‌that the Cat will have to search for its associate somewhere in Midtown and sneak inside of Neco Corp together to get the Atomic Battery. The only clue is that it’s sporting a bomber jacket and a gold chain. Players will […]