Leaping lion cub crowned in Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

A exceptional minute of feline shame has taken out major honours at this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Drawing 1000’s of entries from experienced and amateur photographers from about the earth, the competition aims to celebrate the hilarity of our natural wildlife.

US photographer Jennifer Hadley’s shot of a baby lion misjudging what could have been his initial leap (aptly named ‘Not so cat-like reflexes‘) was giggle-inducing plenty of to choose out the overall prize, as properly as the Creatures of Land award.

“This 3-thirty day period-outdated cub and his sibling ended up in a tree. The other lionesses have been in other trees and on the floor. He needed to get down and walked all over the branches searching for the correct location and ultimately just went for it,” Ms Hadley explained.

“It was likely his to start with time in a tree and his descent did not go so nicely. He was just wonderful though following landing on the floor. He got up and ran off with some other cubs.”

Here is a glimpse at the other 2022 profitable photos.

Creatures in the Air award

Hippo yawning mouth opened wide next to a heron standing on the back of another hippo.
Misleading African Viewpoints 2 by Jean Jacques Alcalay.(Jean Jacques Alcalay: Comedy Wildlife Pictures Awards 2022)

Creatures Beneath the Sea award

A couple of triggerfish looking into the underwater camera.
Say Cheeeese by Arthur Telle Thiemann.(Telle Thiemann: Comedy Wildlife Pictures Awards 2022)

People’s Preference award

Two gentoo penguins hanging out on the beach. One has its fin outstretched while the other looks away.
Communicate To The Fin! by Jennifer Hadley.(Jennifer Hadley: Comedy Wildlife Pictures Awards 2022)

Junior award

A grey owl sits with one yellow eye opened staring  at the camera from a drain pipe coming out from a concrete wall.
I CU Boy! by Arshdeep Singh.(Arshdeep Singh: Comedy Wildlife Images Awards 2022)

Really recommended

Two wallabies playing / fighting on the beach as the sun burst through the orange surrounding skies.
It is All Kicking Off! by Michael Eastway. (Michael Eastway: Comedy Wildlife Pictures Awards 2022)
A raccoon stands on sand with one paw stretched upwards, waving to the camera.
Hello Everyone by Miroslav Srb.(Miroslav Srb: Comedy Wildlife Images Awards 2022)
A wild monkey in total relax laying on ground, while another monkey touches its chest.
Monkey Wellness Centre by Federica Vinci.(Federica Vinci: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022)
A Crane stands behind a bull in a green meadow with its wings outstretched. Gives the appearance the bull has wings
Pegasus, The Traveling Horse by Jagdeep Rajput.(Jagdeep Rajput: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022)
"I'm gonna strangle you!" by Emmanuel Do Linh San
I am Gonna Strangle You! by Emmanuel Do Linh San.(Emmanuel Do Linh San: Comedy Wildlife Pictures Awards 2022)
A duckling walks across a turtle covered log at the Juanita wetlands. Surrounded by green lilypads.
Excuse Me… Pardon Me! by Ryan Sims.(Ryan Sims: Comedy Wildlife Images Awards 2022)
A red squirrel is pictured mid-air during a rain storm.
Leaping Jack by Alex Pansier.(Alex Pansier: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022)
Two owlets squeeze into the nest hole in a tree trunk. Owl's facial expression doesn't look impressed. 
Restricted Fit! by Mark Schocken.(Mark Schocken: Comedy Wildlife Images Awards 2022)
A salmon hits a bear in the face as he sits in a waterfall trying to eat it.
Fight Back by John Chaney.(John Chaney: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022)
Two King Penguins stand side by side. The bird on the right stands with its head tucked hidden away. 
Continue to keep Calm and Maintain Your Head by Martin Grace.(Martin Grace: Comedy Wildlife Images Awards 2022)

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