I journey relatively frequently, and now that things have began up once more, I’m seeking for a light-weight jacket to use. I want a thing that will make me really feel more put together than I do in a sweater, but not as uptight and dressy as I would in […]

Following fading into obscurity, the late artist Francis Hines is gaining new awareness immediately after a automobile mechanic rescued hundreds of his paintings from a dumpster in Connecticut. Hines, an summary expressionist, garnered some recognition in 1980 by employing fabric to wrap the arch in New York City’s Washington Square […]

After a one year’s pandemic hiatus, the Venice Biennale is finally returning next month. For the prestigious event, sometimes dubbed the “art world Olympics,” countries whip up the best of their nations’ artistic talent to showcase in national pavilions around the picturesque Italian city.  As much as galleries might like to […]