Why is the Moco Museum the only museum where you will see works by artists like Mark Rothko?

Are you bored of repetitive art? Are you tired of the story of the man who cut off his ear? Are you looking for modern and creative art pieces? Do you want to have fun while enjoying art? The only place where you have all this is at the Moco Museum. This is no ordinary museum. You won’t find old and boring art pieces. In its 3 floors and private garden there are only 3 things to be found: art, fun and creativity. In fact, it is known for being the young museum of Amsterdam. Artists such as Mark Rothko have their place in this young museum. Artists who have left their mark on the modern era because they have been able to move those who enjoy their art pieces.

A museum that breaks with the stereotypes of a city

It is normal that certain names stand out in this city. Whether you’re talking about Rembrandt or Vincent van Gogh’s ear, these are names that don’t go unnoticed. However, when it comes to breaking stereotypes, the Moco Museum is the winner. When a person doesn’t know about art, they usually think that a museum is full of “old stuff.” Many young people have been known to never set foot in a museum for this very reason. This museum is changing that reality. Thanks to its eye-catching art pieces, it is capturing everyone’s interest. Not only do they have works by Mark Rothko, but they also offer entire rooms full of art. One example of this is Reflecting Forward by Studio Irma.

How to enjoy works like Mark Rothko’s in this museum?

If this is your first visit to a museum, you’re probably wondering how you can attend the museum and what you should keep in mind to make the most of this new experience. The good news is that the Moco Museum has a website where you will find a lot of information about the exhibits, opening hours and ticket prices. You can even buy them online. In case you didn’t know, each museum has its own rules that are created with the intention of making it more enjoyable for all visitors. Whether you go to see the works of Mark Rothko or the Gummy Bear, you must respect them. Don’t forget to ask about the augmented reality feature. Some works of art will come to life if you point your cell phone camera at them.

Kenneth Proto

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