Two Essential Skills Writers Can Learn from Image Comics’ Series Geiger

A comic series like Geiger is an excellent way for many writers to get their work seen by a large audience. They can explore any story they wish with the success of its reception entirely up to them and, in most cases, do not need to worry about censoring what they produce. Comic series like Geiger also open doors for new writers to introduce themselves and their work.

Dialogue, one of the primary components in writing, is necessary for comic series because it helps the reader understand what is going on; however, several other essential skills go into making a successful story. Normally, this would take months and even years before a writer could master these skills, but it only takes a few minutes to absorb the basics for comic book writers. Incorporating these skills into their work is key to being successful in comics.

Elaborating On Story Arcs

A big part of writing comics like Geiger comes with understanding how long the series will last, allowing writers to plan and organize the flow of their story arcs. As comics like Geiger can consist of several volumes and issues, all events in the series need to be interconnected and support one another; this gives readers a better understanding of what occurs in each issue and ensures that the story remains cohesive easy to read.

Before writers start writing dialogue, they need to make sure that each scene has a purpose and is advancing the story somehow; this prevents readers from becoming confused with what is occurring and stops them from losing interest. For example, if several characters are introduced quickly without giving readers time to learn who they are and why they are relevant, it will only be not easy to keep track of what is going on.

Planning out each issue in advance is important; however, most writers usually end up working under a tight schedule that doesn’t give them enough time to write detailed stories. This often results in incomplete story arcs where the ending is open-ended and doesn’t give readers closure. While this can be resolved by writing a part two or concluding the series several months later, it would be better for writers to plan, so they don’t have to rush through their work at the end of each issue.


As comics like Geiger, created by Geoff Johns, rely on several panels and dialogue to develop the storyline, writers need to control how fast or slow readers get through their work. If not, it can cause them to become bored with the series and stop reading altogether. Pacing is important because it helps keep readers engaged in what they are doing; this allows writers to stop introducing new characters too quickly and determine which scenes they want to prioritize.

For example, writers must decide on what events will occur before writing dialogue because this helps them create a clear timeline of events within the series. This ensures that readers don’t get lost or confused with what they read. It also keeps their work from becoming too complicated by introducing too many ideas at once.

Geiger provides a variety of helpful information for writers. Geiger’s artwork and writing style are often praised for their detailed and vibrant nature and vivid depictions of violence and cruelty. This art makes it possible to analyze character actions more carefully than in other comic series.


Kenneth Proto

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