Tiffany Pollard Is Still the HBIC

Dress by Manner Nova. Earrings by Kentshire. Necklaces Tiffany’s Own. Rings (left hand, worn throughout) Tiffany’s Have. Rings (right hand) by BVLGARI. Sneakers (worn in the course of) by Alexandre Vauthier from Albright Manner Library.

Due to the fact getting anointed with the identify “New York” on hip-hop maestro Taste Flav’s courting show Taste of Adore in 2006, Tiffany Pollard has turn out to be a person of the largest names in fact Tv, appearing in above 45 shows and movies, which includes her have VH1 spin-off series, I Love New York. Here, the legend presents us a lesson on how to come to be the Head Bitch in Cost.


TIFFANY POLLARD: Hi Mel, how are you?

MEL OTTENBERG: Oh my god, Tiffany, I’m sorry I was late, but I had to get some junk food stuff. This is like key time shit here.

POLLARD: You’re so funny.

OTTENBERG: I’m interviewing Tiffany mom-fucking Pollard for Job interview magazine, it is the finest honor of my existence.

POLLARD: Oh my goodness. I’m so thrilled about this, the shoot was incredible. Most people is so type.

OTTENBERG: Perfectly, honey, we know we superior be on our greatest habits and we better maintain it collectively for New York.


OTTENBERG: Because we know what happens when you never roll out the purple carpet for New York, but also we roll out the pink carpet for New York because Tiffany Pollard is New York. I’m so psyched. We in fact met once prior to, I have the ideal picture I’ve bought to textual content you right after this.

POLLARD: Oh, wow. I have to have to see that image.

OTTENBERG: Hey, listen. My fever for New York goes way back again. So wait around, convey to me—we’re heading to get into the lesson—but a little little bit about you to start with, Tiffany. How did you develop into New York? Where’d you grow up and when did you turn out to be the HBIC?

POLLARD: Honestly, I was born the HBIC. And what I suggest by that is, I by no means felt like I belonged, no matter whether that be quality college, center school, or high faculty. I went to higher education for two days and dropped out. I was constantly in the center of ridicule since I wished to wear make-up and hair that was coloured in another way, and the place I’m from in upstate New York, all that is a no-no.


POLLARD: You were being intended to just wear a dishevelled shirt, wash your encounter, and slick your hair back in a ponytail, but that was under no circumstances me. I’ve constantly preferred to consider outside the house the box. Then I fulfilled this guy who owned a apparel shop. He was like, “Every time you arrive into my retail outlet, your hair is performed in a various design. That does not take place listed here. Who are you?” Long tale quick I dated him for 14 years. I traveled with him, he showed me a bigger existence.

OTTENBERG: Wow. Alright, so New York—may I simply call you New York?

POLLARD: Sure, newborn. It’s all me.

OTTENBERG: Terrific. So I’m the editor-in-chief of Interview, I’m the HBIC of our firm. What are some equipment one could will need in purchase to turn into an legendary HBIC?

POLLARD: I think in relaxation for your mind, system, and spirit. I don’t do everything out of experience determined to have a little something likely on. It is about currently being headstrong, but also currently being mindful of other individuals. We really do not have to bash all people that would like to give us guidance, but I have never been fantastic at getting it. I have generally just woke up off the doctor’s table with new breasts or with my nose work, I have never ever advised family members users what I’m going to do. I do not know if I have tomorrow, I’m just going to get up and do what the hell I want.

OTTENBERG: You are a “yes” girl, you are not worried, you go for it.

POLLARD: I go for it, but there is also a defiant facet to me. My mother normally utilised to call me a tough-headed red bull coming up, and I’m however like that. If you say I need to be undertaking anything I want to go the reverse route.

OTTENBERG: What is your sign?

POLLARD: I’m a Capricorn.

OTTENBERG: I was like, “Are you a Taurus?” Due to the fact I’m a Taurus. How do you select your battles as the HBIC?

POLLARD: If it is a little something that will not have an affect on me tomorrow and I’m just a minor agitated, I could possibly let it slide. But if it nips at me by means of the night and I wake up and that matter is even now on my thoughts, I’m going to have that conversation.

OTTENBERG: Completely. You’re a hero, but you’re also a hero by remaining the villain. You had been by no means worried about persons liking you. Maybe that’s why you are so beloved.

POLLARD: We had an exercise in our domestic that my aunt and uncle put me and my brother as a result of. They utilised to participate in the bully, and we had to perform the target. They would just tease and taunt. They would not say nearly anything derogatory to crush us, but they have been planning us for how this planet can be an hideous put. We had to stand there and sense that electricity, so when the time arrived when we would actually be in a circumstance like that, we’d have some sort of a buffer toward it, and I believe that that seriously served me.

OTTENBERG: I like that. So you’re engaged now. Where’d you satisfy this blessed human being?

POLLARD: I practically met my fiancé coming off the established of Famously One.

OTTENBERG: Astounding.

POLLARD: I did not obtain adore in that residence. So to meet him at a collecting and to have him lock on me the way he did—I locked him back again, and we have been inseparable ever considering the fact that.

OTTENBERG: Honey, get you a guy who can do all that. And on that take note, let us speak about remaining sexy. I individual it, you possess it, let’s converse to the men and women about it New York, we’re not afraid. We’ve got to look superior, proper?

POLLARD: Yeah, we do.

OTTENBERG: What are your ideas for obtaining the search as the HBIC? Because I was viewing that episode again today, when you acquired all individuals messy girls up in test, and it is still my beloved issue ever. Which is a true shade to the planet, due to the fact it is been a long time considering the fact that then, but still nothing at all comes shut.

POLLARD: Indeed, individuals really like the “fairy princess that resides over the pits of hell” read. But the whole time I was going up and down that line, I was like, “Why are you ladies not stepping again?” It would not have been me on that aspect, I would have mentioned anything.

OTTENBERG: They allow you own the time. They had been like, “Wait, what? Oh my god. Bootz is so mad.” Listen, I have nothing towards any individual, but the only rationale Pumpkin is iconic is just since she stepped to New York.

POLLARD: You’re ideal about that.

OTTENBERG: So respect to Pumpkin, wherever she is.

POLLARD: We actually found her. She does insurance now. We ended up intended to do a display together a handful of months back and speak out that entire spit instant but she backed out at the very last minute.

OTTENBERG: Pumpkin, if you are reading this, we seriously want that sit-down.

POLLARD: Particularly.

OTTENBERG: Also, there is an unbelievable portray out there of Pumpkin spitting on you. Have you at any time viewed it online? I’m certain it is screen-grabbed 800 occasions on my mobile phone, I really do not know the place it is now.

POLLARD: Yeah, I’ve seen it. I feel I’ve in fact posted it.

Gown by Fashion Nova. Earrings and Bracelet (back) by Kentshire. Sun shades by Balenciaga. Necklaces Tiffany’s Very own. Bracelet (front) by Tiffany & Co.

OTTENBERG: Oh, it’s stunning. If the artist is out there, I would love to get the primary from you, since it’s terrific, and when I die, I’ll give it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

POLLARD: Yeah, that artwork captured each and every instant of it. You could just really feel it.

OTTENBERG: They seriously captured the second and the drama and the power of the full factor. Alright, before I request you some shallow issues to close our outstanding cellphone call can you convey to me a minor little bit about your religious journey?

POLLARD: My non secular journey is effortless due to the fact the Lord says, “Take my yoke on you and discover of me, my yoke is light.” I’m free of charge in him, I’m no cost to knowledge him, I’m free of charge to get his enjoy flowing by me and to give it to others, and I do feel in the gospel of Jesus Christ, the death, burial, and resurrection. He is like my calling card, my entrance into heaven. He explained, “Call on me, I’m your savior”—boom, that’s it.

OTTENBERG: Thank you, Jesus. I love that for you. And on that be aware, I’m likely to talk to you some questions that we’re asking a ton of people today in the difficulty.


OTTENBERG: Who watches you?

POLLARD: Most people with a pulse that is applicable watches me, no matter if they admit it or not, honey.

OTTENBERG: How do you get consideration?

POLLARD: I get notice just strolling down the avenue currently being the HBIC. I really do not have to set a sew of make-up on and gentlemen are going to switch, females are going to switch, and small children are going to switch and say, “Who is that?” I never know why or how it comes about, but they all watch me.

OTTENBERG: Tiffany, what do you do when no one’s viewing?

POLLARD: I can’t remedy that! You truly want to know?


POLLARD: Properly, when nobody’s seeing, I’m touching myself, I’m not even likely to lie.

OTTENBERG: Certainly! Hey, Tiffany. You’ve got to let it out.

POLLARD: That is the truth.

OTTENBERG: One particular of the principles of staying the HBIC is that you’ve bought to be straightforward, and honey, in this article we are. What do you hate-observe?

POLLARD: Oh, that’s uncomplicated. Weird Foodstuff with Andrew Zimmern. They polished him up, but when that exhibit very first arrived out, that gentleman would eat all varieties of gooey items out of the earth. I could not halt seeing him.

OTTENBERG: What’s your most loved channel?

POLLARD: Life time Motion picture Network. It’s on right now, it performs continually in the qualifications no matter what I’m accomplishing.

OTTENBERG: Do you ever really feel like you’re below surveillance?

POLLARD: All of the time, yes. I could be doing one thing on my cellphone and the next minute, I see that point arrive on the television. But you know what I say? “Fuck it. If they are observing, enable them observe.”

OTTENBERG: And on that be aware, have you at any time built a sex tape?

POLLARD: I don’t think I at any time took it there. What I do have is self-porn in my cell phone exactly where I view myself execute.

OTTENBERG: Oh, female. I like it. What’s the very last point you received in issues for?

POLLARD: Very well, I did get a ticket for urinating in public. But we could not want to use that.

OTTENBERG: Can I just die now? I just want to die now. I know you really don’t want me to use it, but just the point that you claimed that is just so perfect to me. Ok, you do not have to solution this if you never want to. What form of porn do you enjoy and the place do you look at it?

POLLARD: [Laughs] I’m not likely to lie, I like female-on-girl porn.


POLLARD: I check out it though I’m alone, I just form of creep up on my cell phone and variety in both Lobster Tube or Pornhub. But now that I’ve received my resolve of that I am a little little bit curious about homosexual porn.

OTTENBERG: Tiffany Pollard, I really like it. I’m so glad I was not much too shy to request you that question. You are so inspiring. This has been a aspiration appear true. My mates are not heading to imagine that I interviewed the HBIC, Tiffany motherfucking Pollard on, what? March 11, 2022? And from 3:02 to 3:46 p.m., let it be regarded. Thank you for chatting to us. You know what I’m likely to do?

POLLARD: Mm-hmm?

OTTENBERG: I’m heading to maintain the “urinating in public” line, but I’m going to bleep it all out, so no one will ever know it was there.

POLLARD: You can do whichever you want with that, honey, for the reason that the cop did generate the ticket. I begged him not to. I didn’t shell out it. But hey, it’s nonetheless likely out there. Who is aware, if I’m pulled above, they may arrest me.

OTTENBERG: Then I will use it. Enable it be regarded, for the reason that which is essential. And you know what? Fuck that cop.

POLLARD: Thank you. Exactly, fuck that cop.

OTTENBERG: And fuck you for remaining so major, New York. Fuck you for currently being these types of an inspiring HBIC to the planet. We appreciate you, we fucking appreciate you.

Costume by Michael Kors Assortment. Shirt from Art of Your Head N.Y.C. Necklace (leading) by Tiffany & Co. Necklace (bottom) Tiffany’s Very own. Ring (worn on ideal hand) by Gucci.


Hair: Latisha Chong and Lamesha Mosley making use of Bumble and Bumble

Makeup: Raisa Bouquets using Mac Cosmetics

Set Layout: Abby Walton

Creation: Born Artists

Manicure: Aja Walton

Photography Assistant: Chris Lloyd

Style Assistant: Ava Van Osdol

Hair Assistant: Kadija Camara

Makeup Assistant: Eunice Kristen

Generation Assistant: Toogii Khumast

Area: St. Regis Lodge

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