Is it a good idea for women to shave their faces?

But never attain for the Gillette Venus rather nonetheless. 

“It’s best done working with a surgical scalpel blade in a clinic,” clarifies Dr David Jack, who delivers the process at his Harley Road clinic. “A experienced will assess the skin’s suitability for the treatment and will cut down the risk of chopping and discomfort. Also the blades utilized will be sharper and adequately sterilised. The strategy normally will take months to best. The threat of hurt associated with a Do-it-yourself procedure isn’t seriously worth it.”

The procedure

Irrespective of Dr Jack’s phrase of warning, I did consider and attempt a dwelling session with a Hollywood Browzer microblade, £8.98, from I peered into the magnifying mirror pulling my skin taut with just one hand and aiming the blade at a 45-diploma angle with the other, as for each guidance.

Even so, I found the system way too tricky and was much too fearful to incur a series of shaving accidents and appear coated in bits of blood-stained tissue. I felt safer leaving it to a expert and booked in for a session with Hagelquist.

The initially revelation, it does not harm at all. My soreness threshold is not impressive I’ve fainted throughout Profhilo facial area-moisturising injections. But this feels virtually comforting as the blade is dusted over the confront in short, feathery strokes.

It’s followed by a calming mask (Hagelquist uses Dr Sebagh’s Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask submit-“shave”) and some great aged-faculty therapeutic massage. The theory is that a hyperclean confront also implies that any skincare utilised afterwards, be it a mask, serum or moisturiser, will penetrate the pores and skin much more correctly.

The outcomes

The outcome? I’m astonished at the change and didn’t realise how much peach fuzz I must have been lined in. Whilst the “glazed-doughnut” pores and skin is absolutely not a development I was aspiring to, my confront is suddenly as shiny and as sleek-seeking as a teenage TikTokker. Luminous even!

But I’m concerned about becoming addicted to this de-fuzzing craze, and what if the hair regrows thicker and darker?

“There is no danger of the hairs coming back again thicker or darker as the hair follicles are not influenced by the process,” reassures Dr Jack. “The hairs currently being taken care of are vellus hairs which do not transform to thicker hair. And there is no possibility of stubble forming.”

Like me, makeup artist Nathalie Eleni is also a convert. “While qualified dermaplaning surely comes with its benefits,” she claims, “it’s a faff reserving into a salon all the time. So I observed an quick-to-use at-home unit. [The Dermaflash Luxe Anti Ageing, Exfoliation Peach Fuzz Removal Device, £153,] It’s developed with security guards so you just can’t nick yourself. I obtain it amazing at taking away any fuzz and making a stunning, clean canvas for putting on my basis.”

Established not to become a bearded girl, I’ve added it to cart.


  • Signature facial with Tine Hagelquist, £140, dermaplaning include-on, £30 (Mobile phone: 07958 216 848)
  • Dermaplaning, £150, Omniya Clinic, kingdom
  • The Egyptian Facial at Dr David Jack Clinic, £250, brings together a facial with dermaplaning and a facial area peel,

Kenneth Proto

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