Fall Out Boy tease new song in mind-bending claymation “celebration”

Fall Out Boy are continuing to tease their imminent return, providing what would seem to be a preview of a new music in a video titled ‘A Claymation Fall Out Boy Celebration’.

The two-minute brief, animated by Mr. Oz (most effective known for his get the job done in Marvel’s ‘Venomverse’), begins with a trio of anthropomorphic stars descending from the night time sky into a random yard, in which a pet dog seems at them inquisitively. 

A single of the stars brushes a glittering powder on to the puppy, just before an octopus-like alien creature emerges from its kennel and snatches it, dragging it into a lair exactly where a large purple blob – replete with eight bulging eyes (likely nodding to Tumble Out Boy’s up coming album being their eighth) – swallows it complete. Within the alien blob’s tummy, the puppy is achieved by a cohort of glowing neon hands, who all vomit upon looking at it. 

1 of the hands smiles at the puppy, even so, major it to a portray on the wall that reveals the pet as some kind of legendary deity. The wall slides open to reveal a tropical oasis, from which a new solid of trippy alien figures arise. One particular alien transforms into a door, with a further shoving the canine via it. Our canine lead winds up in a further yard – now in the daytime – where by a guy seems to be grilling steaks.

A dropped steak catches the consideration of the puppy, but when the gentleman turns all around, it is uncovered that he’s protected from head to toe in murmuring faces. It’s now that we listen to what’s assumed to be the opening chords of Slide Out Boy’s next solitary – a punchy riff and gnashing, cymbal-large drums (evocative of the band’s debut album, 2003’s ‘Take This To Your Grave’) that minimize off appropriate before they start into something bigger.

Have a glance at ‘A Claymation Tumble Out Boy Celebration’ beneath:

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=3hIbmRbeNL0

Fall Out Boy began teasing their return just below a thirty day period ago, when they took out a complete-site ad in the Chicago Tribune to plug a new logo, “FOB 8” and the mysterious phrase, “If you establish it, they will appear.” The hoopla then ongoing before this thirty day period, when lovers started getting cryptic postcards with the title ‘Pink Seashell Beach’.

Those postcards came with a concept reading through: “I observed you in a bright very clear subject. Hurricane warmth in my head. The sort of agony you experience to get great in the finish. Inscribed like stone and faded by the rain: ‘Give up what you appreciate give up what you enjoy in advance of it does you in…’”

They arrived alongside the start of a web page dubbed “sending my love from pink seashell beach”, which is also promoted with the new claymation video. On getting into the internet site, readers are met with the visual of pink seashell etched with the phrase, “The solutions are within of this.” 

Clicking the shell leads to it flipping over, revealing a filthy baseball wherever a pearl may well sit. The scene then melts to a black monitor with the new FOB emblem and a card reading: “The seaside was never true. None of it is.” 

An additional site, dubbed “sending my love from the other side”, asks enthusiasts to “RSVP to the other side”. Clicking a prompt, inquisitive guests will be satisfied with a kind to deliver off their title, e mail and actual physical deal with. A header on the internet site reads, “Welcome to the other aspect of the apocalypse,” and clicking on the “O” in “other” will guide to the new FOB emblem (donning a Santa hat) overtaking the splash web site. 

Fall Out Boy’s previous album was 2018’s ‘MANIA’, which NME’s Hannah Mylrea explained in her three-star critique as “worlds away from the good pop-punk of [‘Take This To Your Grave’] or the rousing emo of 2005’s ‘From Beneath The Cork Tree’”.

In the meantime, guitarist Joe Trohman disclosed back in September that Slide Out Boy experienced been performing on some new “guitar-based” substance, which had evidently been place on the backburner. “I don’t know know what’s occurring with it,” he advised Rolling Stone. “I think it unfortunately went to the back burner. It would be awesome to make a document the place the guitar is a minimal more upfront.

“We did begin that way, as a guitar-based rock band, and it’d be cool to go again to people roots. We’d have to obtain a way to do it that does not seem like Fall Out Boy from 2005. It may be amazing for somebody else to do that, but it wouldn’t be great for us to do it.”

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