A tattoo artist shares 4 things that would make him refuse to tattoo someone

tattoo artist richard richardson

Richard Richardson photographed at his tattoo shop, Bright and Daring Glasgow.Mikhaila Friel/Insider

  • Richard Richardson, a tattoo artist from Scotland, has been in the field for 6 several years.

  • He told Insider the 4 causes he wouldn’t give someone a tattoo.

  • The factors change from the tattoo design and style to designs that are copied.

“Most tattoo artists are not neat persons,” Richard Richardson, a tattoo artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, informed Insider.

“When men and women find out I am a tattoo artist, they are like, ‘Really?’ They feel I’m in IT,” Richardson extra.

It is really not challenging to comprehend why some persons have this misunderstanding, according to Richardson. He explained for decades, a lot of people today have wrongly assumed that tattoo artists ought to be coated “head to toe” in tattoos and only listen to “hardcore” songs.

In actuality, Richardson stated, tattoo artists are just “men and women who like to draw.”

Richardson has been in the business for 6 many years. He stated he has a pair of tattoos himself, but they’re protected by his jacket throughout the interview, which can take location at the store in which he works, Vivid and Daring Glasgow.

tattoo shop

Richard Richardson’s tattoo area at Dazzling and Bold Glasgow.Mikhaila Friel/Insider

Vibrant and Bold lives up to its title. The store is adorned with rainbow banners, potted crops, and prints on the walls. And whilst it is really a welcoming setting, customers are unlikely to get a wander-in appointment thanks to high need as a outcome of COVID limitations ending, Richardson said.

Richardson doesn’t just say of course to each and every prospective customer. He shared 4 factors that he — and other tattoo artists — may well refuse to tattoo an individual.

The customer may well request a model that your tattoo artist does not focus in

“You go to a tattoo artist for their fashion,” Richardson claimed. “If you came to me asking for a colored tattoo, actually I am not incredibly excellent at color and I would not sense cozy with it.”

Richardson reported you must study the artist and uncover out what design they specialize in ahead of inquiring about a tattoo. He mentioned that if you look at their Instagram webpage and locate photos of 10 designs that you like, then the artist will possible be a great match for you.

richard richardson tattoo

Richard Richardson specializes in botanical styles.Richard Richardson.

A tattoo artist could possibly move if it is really a little something they are not passionate about

“I do not genuinely like soccer. Chances are, I am not likely to set my coronary heart and soul into a football tattoo,” Richardson explained.

“With points that never ring legitimate to me, I would really feel responsible using that on. I’d want to consider on one thing I am passionate about,” he extra.

You may be cautioned if a tattoo artist can tell that you aren’t certain about a tattoo plan

Richardson reported that when consumers request to have somebody else’s title tattooed on them, he’ll make sure they’re selected that it is what they want just before proceeding.

“I’ve obtained my daughter’s name on my arm. Parents’ and kids’ [names], are all right, but other than that you never ever know,” Richardson said.

He mentioned he’ll examine if a customer is sure about the tattoo, but he wouldn’t do it in a “crass” way that would offend them.

“I did have another person who needed a girlfriend’s name on their wrist, and I could tell they had been not sure. They wanted to do it as a kind of, ‘I adore you, let’s keep together’ sort of issue,” Richardson reported.

“So I claimed, ‘I’ll set the stencil on you, you can wear it at property and see how you like it. Appear again tomorrow if you nonetheless want it.'” he reported. “He never ever came again.”

Tattoo artists do not want to duplicate yet another artist’s structure

Clientele shouldn’t anticipate their tattoo artist to give them the very same tattoo that they’ve seen on anyone else on the web, in accordance to Richardson. He mentioned that if a client needs to duplicate a person else’s tattoo, he’ll redesign it to make it special.

Richardson additional that the customer ought to appear prepared with a principle instead than a certain structure so that the artist can operate on building it an unique tattoo.

“And then you are going to be the only man or woman who at any time wears it,” he extra.

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