57 Thoughts I Had While Watching Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas in ‘Deep Water’

Be aware: This tale contains spoilers for the 2022 film Deep Water.

There were being no bigger lovers of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’s connection than Vogue’s world wide web team, so when we learned that the pair’s “erotic psychological thriller” Deep Water (dependent on the novel of the identical title by Patricia Highsmith, no significantly less!) was ultimately dropping, we ended up right away spellbound. Personally, I look at it an honor and a privilege to share my ideas about the film with the planet on a moment-by-minute basis read through them all beneath.

  1. Did I confuse this with the Matt Damon film Stillwater? Maybe.
  2. Does Deep H2o also sound like it could be the identify of a bespoke Colorado-centered river-rafting-guidebook business? Yes.
  3. Hey, it is Ben Affleck! On a bike!
  4. Hey, it’s Ana de Armas! On some stairs!
  5. I must say, Affleck does seem very good in bike shorts.
  6. No offense to this movie, but I want I have been rewatching Gone Girl. All the elements are there: Ben Affleck, dim score, sad spouse.
  7. Why do wives persist in inquiring for their husbands’ thoughts on their day-night oufits? Not to make gender assumptions, but he doesn’t care, female.
  8. Ben and Ana are at a monotonous-looking dwelling party, conveying that they allow their six-year-previous select to go to community school. Some mother is appalled.
  9. OMG, Ana is sneaking off with an unseen blond particular person, and at this position I can not decide their gender for the reason that I simply cannot see their facial area, so I’m selecting to believe this film is queer for the moment.
  10. Ugh, it is a blond man.
  11. Ben talks to a woman with (to be crass) a fantastic set about how he enjoys his spouse, but plainly there’s issues brewing.
  12. Ana is participating in the piano and singing, in a accurate “Zou Bisou Bisou” minute.
  13. Hardly ever sing in community! What is really hard about this?
  14. There is a guy lacking in city, and Ben closely indicates to the blond guy (ugh) that he killed him for acquiring an affair with Ana. Yikes.
  15. Oh, hold out, he just straight-up says, “I killed him.”
  16. Guy, Ana de Armas is brief.
  17. Or is Ben Affleck just tall?
  18. Or both?
  19. Now why is Ana having an apple in the auto on the way household from the bash? Awful drunk food stuff, IMO.
  20. Notice to self: Really don’t take your boobs out in front of the babysitter.
  21. Also it’s possible your spouse isn’t “suffocating” for not wanting you to do this.
  22. Ben’s unusual threat to Ana’s blond affair dude has gotten all-around town, seemingly.
  23. Do these people know you can just…be poly?
  24. Okay, Blond Hunk is above for dinner. Guaranteed. Why not?
  25. God, this relationship is stressing me T.F. out.
  26. I come to feel like they’re confiding way much too significantly in their six-12 months-previous.
  27. I’m sorry, I’m going to say yet again that this film feels like food plan Gone Female.
  28. Gentleman, married persons like to fight about the dishes. Make a chore wheel!
  29. The word emasculate is currently being employed a lot and not entirely appropriately.
  30. Ben and Ana satisfy a pretentious author at a celebration (Tracy Letts!), and we master that Ben does…“web apps” and “publishes a tiny magazine” but generally rides his bike all-around. Hmm.
  31. Oh, wait, he built drone chips. Rather a legacy!
  32. I’m guessing the drone chips weren’t in Highsmith’s unique draft.
  33. You really don’t see a good deal of parties that feature swing dancing any longer. Are we in Mad Guys?
  34. Wait around, so Ana gets to have affairs, but Ben doesn’t? Hmm.
  35. Ah, the elusive oral-intercourse-in-the-automobile second. Not risk-free! Sorry to be a cop, but it just doesn’t look worth it.
  36. Sex scene!
  37. Jacob Elordi time. He’s Ana’s newest prey, and he as well plays the piano mainly because we’re in a incredibly musical city.
  38. I am incredibly bored and, to be genuine, have no plan what is heading on in this movie. Sorry.
  39. Alright, I’m back. They got a pet, which is generally a good plan when you have a tiny baby and your relationship is on the rocks.
  40. Ana taunts Ben about all her affairs, and he issues an ultimatum. She doesn’t seem to care.
  41. Why are these persons frequently at garden events?
  42. Actually sweet shot of a sleepy pet at an inopportune instant.
  43. I get that Ana is freewheeling and all, but does she have to hook up with her fans when at lawn events with her partner?
  44. If I were a man or woman in this compact city, I’d marvel why these unusual married individuals were regularly bringing their drama to get-togethers.
  45. Dead system in pool! Gatsby vibes.
  46. All right, the lifeless overall body is Jacob Elordi, and Ana naturally accuses her spouse of his murder to the cops, as you do.
  47. Ben gaslights the hell out of Ana, but the weird pretentious author from before believes her.
  48. In the meantime, Ben is having a little too cozy with his blonde spouse, who seems to be common, but I really do not sense like IMDB-ing.
  49. The pretentious author and Ana are teaming up with a P.I. to prove Ben is a murderer, and Ben calls him on it at a good-hunting lunch featuring many bottles of purely natural wine I want.
  50. Why are the daughters in this movie all named Goldie and Trixie? Mad Gentlemen once more!
  51. I need to have this six-yr-aged emancipated right away.
  52. Nevertheless yet another lover of Ana’s (I assume?) comes as a result of, this a single her ex-boyfriend, and Ben…legit kills him?
  53. So they’re just acquiring suitable to it, huh?
  54. Matters chill out for Ana and Ben soon after the murder (LOL), right until the pretentious author catches Ben messing with the ex-B.F.’s corpse. They get in a automobile chase, and the pretentious writer dies.
  55. Ana realizes Ben has been killing off all of her B.F.s and tries to go away, but her daughter very creepily stops her by throwing her bag in the pool.
  56. Ok, it seems Ana is going to remain with Ben and be his accomplice? No matter what floats your boat!
  57. Nicely, all instructed, that movie was no Carol. Sorry, Ben and Ana. I however imagine in your really like.

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